“When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement, I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.”

– Mary Oliver









Discovering your Life Purpose and Living your Greatness

Imagine getting aligned to your true self and getting on with living the life you always wanted. Do you want to get un-stuck and expand like never before? To be authentic in life and capable of being present to the present?

Phenomenal You Premiere Programme Tiamara Williams

“When it is over, I don’t want to wonder if I have made of my life something particular, and real. I don’t want to find myself sighing and frightened, or full of argument. I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.”

– Mary Oliver

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Tiamara Williams is a New Zealand writer, content creator, executive coach, change maker, TV host and producer. For the past decade she has lived as a global citizen primarily between New Zealand, Africa, India and Europe. After years in business and then a short stint as a TV talkshow host in Christchurch New Zealand Tiamara set out with a TV crew and catalysed 10 projects of community transformation accompanied by interviews with world leaders and Nobel Laureates in India, Ecuador, Jordan, Colombia, China and South Africa with her series “Inspiring Lives Global”. She then went on to create and deliver a Youth Leadership Programme for disadvantaged Youth in Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently Tiamara is an executive coach, personal development content creator / author and is working with her partner to open Smart Primary Healthcare clinics across the globe. She is a judge on a reality show which empowers youth entrepreneurship in Africa with 23 million viewers across the continent. Tiamara lives between her home in Christchurch and Spain and continues to travel.

Phenomenal You Testimonial Chanel Hughes

I’ve had the pleasure of Tiamara Williams’ coaching and have achieved significant results in reaching long-term goals that were previously “on hold”.  Tiamara’s approach is direct and no-nonsense but at the same time full of warmth and support. Her creative and inspirational solutions bring exciting and unexpected results in all areas of life — career, relationships, leisure — and she brings a charisma and passion to the role that are highly energising and inspirational. 

Chanel Huges - Australia

Tiamara oozes feminine confidence, grace and beauty. Not only is she inspirational in her ability to achieve those things most of us don’t even dare to dream of but her ability to coach others to step well outside their comfort circle in a very comfortable fun way is phenomenal!! Tiamara is the embodiment of successful, happy and inspiring.

Gillian Robinson - New Zealand

I got clear, even more focused and I got the language that matches and describes my true purpose. Tiamara is a fantastic coach with a great depth of experience and authenticity.

James Martin - Ireland

Change Maker

Inspiring Lives Global

Inspiring Lives Global took birth in 2008 when Tiamara Williams set out on a journey to empower and inspire humanity to live their best life and create a better world. As a talkshow host and TV producer Tiamara imagined her way would be via media, bringing to light the great positive changemakers on the planet.

The Projects Tiamara initiated and completed:

INDIA – School renovation in poor rural tribal village.
INDIA – Combatting preventable blindness.
SOUTH AFRICA – Challenging HIV/AID’s stigma in coloured shantytown.
SOUTH AFRICA – Prisoner rehabilitation programme.
SOUTH AFRICA – Bridging the economic and racial divide with teens via sport.
JORDAN – Women’s empowerment with refugee

ECUADOR – Renovation of a poor rural school and integrating organic and sustainable agriculture into the community.
ECUADOR – Catalyzing the irradication of plastic bag use for shopping in a small city.
COLOMBIA – Bogata children at Risk
CHINA – Eco education: Awakening the Chinese youth to their responsibility and impact on the environment and teaching them life skills to care for our earth.

The Next Generation Transformation Programme


Africas Young Entrepeneurs Tiamara Williams

For the past five years Tiamara has been a judge on the Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs panel. With her fellow judges she has interviewed and assessed scores of applicants as they pitch their enterprises. With everything from traditional medicine healers to high tech alternative energy inventors the journey has been a fascinating and rewarding one.

The show is aired across the African continent on the DSTV platform and watched by millions. Read an article about it here.

Tiamara started out in life as a script writer for Australian television. Returning home to New Zealand she worked for many years as a business owner leading a team and developing a culture of expectation, inspiration and productivity among staff.  

Returning to TV was always her destiny. “I love being able to communicate to people on mass. I have a passionate interest in combining education, inspiration and media. 

Tiamara produced and presented the “Tia” show in Canterbury, New Zealand. A talkshow that covered topics like health, relationships, money, motivation and inspiration. She went on to produce the series Inspiring Lives Global, her Tiamara Today Wisdom Videos and is now making a foray into podcasting with Under the Covers.

“I have a need inside to do something profound”

– Emelia Clarke

A step by step user guide to New Zealand politics and power personalities.

Join Tiamara each week as she pulls back the covers shedding light on our political system, how it works and the people that power it, asking questions on the minds of regular kiwis.