Are you letting go of your old life and not sure what the new one is yet?




Creating a brand new life for yourself?

Then you are in the right place.

Choosing to transition from one kind of life to another is a scary and exciting place to be. It can also be confusing and disconcerting.

Maybe your nest has become empty, or you are leaving or wanting to leave the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. Whether you have sold a business or are moving country, you are going to need some pretty powerful tools to get you up every day taking the brave steps needed to open up a whole new world for yourself. Maybe your heart is simply longing for work that brings you more fulfilment and you don’t yet know what that new way is.

Some of the inner tools you are going to need are:

• Crystal clarity where you are heading

• A powerful belief that you can get there

• Strength of character like never before

• Courage and confidence in the bucket loads

• A clear and decisive plan

To understand and have tools to move beyond everything that has stopped you from living your new life up until now.

A way forward.


Phenomenal You is here to get you on track and provide you with the tools you need to get clarity about your purpose, passion, direction and address the things that will stop you if you are not aware of them.

Plus you will have a 5 year plan, and by the end of the 12 weeks will already be 12 weeks into your new life.

Phenomenal You provides you with the keys to:

✓ Discover who you are in all your greatness

✓ Find out your unique purpose in life

✓ Identify your passion and talents

✓ Get you on track to creating a new life aligned to your dreams, passions and purpose.

✓ Clear out what may stop you from creating the life you want.

✓ Teach you tools that will empower you on the journey forward.

In this 12 week transformation programme you will learn how to turn that longing for a life of adventure into your own true life story. Phenomenal You is an amazing place to begin the journey and you will be blown away how you feel differently and can see a way forward by the end of the 12 weeks.

The programme is simple, practical and transformational and guides you each day until the new habits you need are firmly implanted into your new lifestyle.


• You will see yourself in a new light, in all of your possibility in life. Come to know yourself as your greatest version.

• You have a clear vision of where you want to be. Visualise and own the best version of your life from now on.

• You will have a 5 year plan that will lead you forward into that life. You will break it all down into a clear set of concrete goals and plans that you can now take action on.

• You will deal with the core reasons why you would not reach your desired goal.

• You will learn to love yourself, give up unhelpful habits and build the confidence you are going to need for the journey.

• You get the most powerful tools to living an empowered life available on planet earth today. You will learn how to ‘think’ empowered and how to overcome the ‘blame factor’ in life.

• How to banish the old way of being.

• How to rock your own work and be absolutely gorgeous.



“Tiamara oozes feminine confidence, grace, and beauty. Not only is she inspirational in her ability to achieve those things most of us don’t even dare to dream of but her ability to coach others to step well outside their comfort circle in a very comfortable fun way is phenomenal!! Tiamara is the embodiment of successful, sexy, happy and inspiring.” – Gillian Robinson

“Tiamara’s approach is direct and no-nonsense but at the same time full of warmth and support. Her creative and inspirational solutions bring exciting and unexpected results in all areas of life — career, relationships, leisure — and she brings a charisma and passion to the role that is highly energising and inspirational.” – Chanel Hughes

“What an amazing day. I am so glad I came and have gained so much. The flow of the day makes sense and is a journey. Tiamara’s presentation was totally focused on the participants, and she is a wonderful listener as well as being funny and gorgeous.” – Shane Kelly Republic of Ireland

“Tiamara Williams is – quite honestly – an exceptional, amazing, loving, courageous, passionate and remarkably inspirational woman.” – Courtenay Stickles

“I was lost and doubting. Tiamara led me thru a journey of discovery at a time when I was lost and doubting. I am so inspired by whom I have now created for myself, the tools to action these, and the exciting future I can go out and play for. I have been given an amazing dose of loving food for the soul.” – Lynette


Tiamara Williams has spent the last decade living a life of purpose, global adventure and authenticity. She is a personal transformation coach, humanitarian, educator, writer, speaker, TV producer and host and a judge on AYE; a reality show across the African continent empowering young entrepreneurs.

She has hosted a talk show ‘Tia’ in New Zealand and created and produced the TV series Inspiring Lives Global which followed her creating projects of transformation from the slums of Mumbai to the back blocks of Ecuador and high-security prison in South Africa, all the while interviewing world leaders as she went.

Tiamara then spent two years developing and delivering a leadership programme to disadvantaged youth in South Africa.

Now with ‘Phenomenal You’, she is sharing her insights, and the methods she uses to live life large and bright.


You will be invited to join the Phenomenal You community, receive a Guided Mediation recording and be signed up to receive inspiring and motivating videos 3 times a week.


We take into account that you have a busy life and at the same time you want to grow.



Phenomenal You transformation programme comes complete with 60 lessons and 85 videos to guide you through to total alignment to your purpose and passion, and living your true life potential. Each day you will have videos to guide you and tasks to fulfil. The first day of the week is laden with new ideas and concepts which you will digest and reinforce during the week and have 2 days off to assimilate.

Upon signing up you will receive a login and your complete course outline will be visible for you on your dashboard.

Each day the content for the day will be unlocked for you to complete online.
If you run out of time one day never fear it will remain unlocked, however I do suggest that for 7 days you play full out and complete the content each day.

Get started right away!



Our vision at Tiamara World is to uplift and inspire millions to live a life of love, creativity and actualising their potential.